Top 20 Chinese New Year video commercials in Malaysia 2019

Which are the most likable CNY video ads on YouTube in Malaysia? Find out how we rank them by "Like Ratio".

Internet platforms like YouTube have enabled more brands to produce and distribute Chinese New Year video commercials, advertisers are no longer limited by the higher barrier of entry to TV commercials.

Every year, we are seeing more and more brands producing festive video ads, from promo-driven, music video style, family's value to story-telling.

Let's find out which brands have the most well-received CNY video commercials this year.

Top 20 CNY video commercials in Malaysia 2019

Here are the criteria how the videos are shortlisted:
  • The video must be intended for Malaysia market (even Singapore is excluded).
  • The video must have at least 100K views on YouTube.
  • Other media platforms like Facebook are not considered here.
We have seen some decent videos with less than 100K views, such a waste! Imagine if a brand invested tens of thousands (or more) on video production, why not allocate at least RM5K on YouTube to distribute the video's reach?

  • [message]
    • ##question-circle## How to get 100K views on YouTube?
      • CPV (Cost per View) on YouTube is RM0.05 on average, hence to achieve 100K views RM5K media budget is required, 1M views with RM50K budget and so on. CPV ranges from RM0.01 to RM0.10 or more depending on various factors.
Minimum 100K views it is, but shall we measure how well-received the videos are by the number of views? Not quite as the views can be bought by advertising, let's rank them by Like Ratio instead.

What is Like Ratio? This is simply the ratio of likes vs dislikes on a particular YouTube video. For example, if there are 90 likes and 10 dislikes on a video, the Like Ratio is 90% in this case.

As a guideline, the video commercial is considered well-received if the Like Ratio is more than 80%, not so good if it is below 70%. The more views the video has, the more relevant the Like Ratio is.

So, let's bring on the most popular CNY video commercials in Malaysia by 3 categories below, ranked by Like Ratio:
  • Top 10 CNY Video Ads (2M views or more on YouTube)
  • Top 5 CNY Video Ads (less than 2M views on YouTube)
  • Top 5 CNY Short Video Ads (30 seconds or less)
All the statistics of YT Views and Like Ratio is updated on 13 February 2019 (CNY day 9) so the numbers could be different by the time you read this.

Top 10 CNY Video Ads (>2M views on YT)

#1. Shou Xin 手信 – PLUS CNY 2019

YT Views: 2.3M+
Like Ratio: 93.8%

Alamaaak! Apa agaknya yang terjadi pada Ah Boy? Dapat tak dia mengelak dari terjebak lagi dengan rutin tahunan Ayahnya setiap kali balik untuk menyambut Tahun Baru Cina?

在新年回乡路途上, Ah Boy 是否能逃过他爸爸疯狂采购的坏习惯呢?

#2. RHB Group Chinese New Year 2019: Belief

YT Views: 7.7M+
Like Ratio: 93.6%

Inspired by true events, this story is about a boy who managed to make meaningful progress in his life, not only because he believed in himself, but also because his two biggest supporters believed in him. Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at RHB.

#3. #PETRONAS CNY Greetings 2019 - HEART

YT Views: 5.1M+
Like Ratio: 93.5%

At the time when our hearts are open, is when the greatest #blessings are seen. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

#4. Prudential CNY 2019 : Word Count 算话

YT Views: 3.0M+
Like Ratio: 93.2%

爱不能用言语来衡量. Ah Pa and Ah Girl have always been close. But an ever-growing distance between them starts appearing over the years. Why? Follow their story in Prudential’s 2019 Chinese New Year film that celebrates the people that DO.

#5. Digi CNY 2019 - Grandfather Stories

YT Views: 2.5M+
Like Ratio: 93.1%

A young man struggles to find his place in the world. It's only when he stops to listen to what grandpa is actually saying does he only realise the true wealth of his heritage and what he is truly capable of.

他,一直在反复质疑自己活在这世上的意义。 当他终于停下脚步来聆听阿公的故事时;他,才意识到他所拥有的传承和潜能是多么的宝贵与值得骄傲。

#6. Lat Talilat Tali Tam Pom | Life's so easy with Panasonic this CNY!

YT Views: 2.3M+
Like Ratio: 91.1%

Oh no! What to do? An unexpected company is coming, and the house is a wreck!

Don't know where to start? This CNY, we want to get all festive-ready the #Panasonic way!

#7. TNB CNY 2019 - The ONG-est Hours

YT Views: 4.5M+
Like Ratio: 89.2%

Reunion done, makan done… now what? Not many realise, the hours between reunion dinner and midnight on the eve is the most ong-spicious… but why hor?

#8. Happiness is Priceless 幸福无价 – MR.DIY Chinese New Year 2019

YT Views: 2.3M+
Like Ratio: 84.8%

The greatest of gifts are always the one from the heart. As we always believe, Happiness is Priceless.
Happy Chinese New Year from MR.DIY.

MR.DIY祝愿您 :新年快乐,万事如意。

#9. Watsons CNY 2019 - Happy Beautiful Year! 过靓年,大过天!

YT Views: 4.9M+
Like Ratio: 81.4%

Our CNY film is here! Get ready to be entertained with beautiful performances, impressive voices and stunning outfits.

Catch our largest cast of popular celebrities & influencers like Amber Chia, Jinnyboy, Justin Ng, Pink Tan, Han Xiiao Aii,
John Tan, and many more! Start your happy, beautiful year with Watsons!
赶快发掘今年最潮最Hit的新春广告! 靓丽的歌声、精彩的表演,再加上时尚高贵的服装。还有动员全城最多艺人及网红卖力演出,

从Amber Chia、Jinnyboy、Justin Ng、Pink Tan、韓曉噯、John Tan 等等。现在就一起跟Watsons扮靓靓, 齐齐过靓年大过天。

#10. KFC CNY 2019: 300ft of Separation

YT Views: 2.4M+
Like Ratio: 80.6%

Here’s to stronger bonds and more finger lickin’ good adventures this Chinese New Year. From all of us at KFC. #CNY2019 #KFCOriginal #ChineseNewYear

Big names who missed out...

Setia CNY TVC 2019 | Stay Close
YT Views: 3.8M+
Like Ratio: 81.0%

You-Sang, We-Sang | CIMB CNY 2019
YT Views: 6.2M+
Like Ratio: 78.6%

Malaysia Airlines CNY 2019 | The Spirit of Hospitality
YT Views: 4.5M+
Like Ratio: 76.1%

#新花YOUNG #XinHuaYOUNG - New Year New HOPE 2019 with EcoWorld
YT Views: 3.2M+
Like Ratio: 74.1%

5 Sekawan™ Beraksi Lagi – Chinese New Year Short Film by Celcom
YT Views: 5.2M+
Like Ratio: 71.7%

Leng Sou got one more!
YT Views: 2.7M+
Like Ratio: 70.7%

麦当劳 - 你就是我的新年。 McDonald’s - You’re My Prosperity
YT Views: 3.5M+
Like Ratio: 68.4%

Ramai-Ramai Tong-Tong Sama-Sama
YT Views: 4.0M+
Like Ratio: 64.7%

Choose What Your Heart Desires: Part 1
YT Views: 2.2M+
Like Ratio: 63.3%

Maxis CNY 2019 - Dooit For Family
YT Views: 2.0M+
Like Ratio: 62.7%

Hong Leong Bank Chinese New Year Video - Payback Time
YT Views: 4.7M+
Like Ratio: -NA-

Top 5 CNY Video Ads (<2M views on YT)

#1. Samsung CNY 2019: What's wrong with Ma-ma?

YT Views: 318K+
Like Ratio: 96.9%

As we grow older, let us never grow apart. This Chinese New Year, we’re celebrating Grandma's amusing ways to connect with her tech-savvy grandchildren!

#CNY2019 #CNY #Samsung #GalaxyNote9

#2. Maybank MYStories - Chinese New Year

YT Views: 275K+
Like Ratio: 96.5%

Even the simplest act can put a smile on a person's face. Make someone happy this Chinese New Year, give the gift of time at
#MyMaybank #MYStories #ForceofGood

#3. YES CNY 2019: Wishing you a Konfem Huat and Amazing Chinese New Year!

YT Views: 599K+
Like Ratio: 94.7%

Say YES with your loved ones to an Amazing Chinese New Year! 

We promise to keep empowering connections that matter with technology that Konfem Huat this year! 

#4. F&N Chinese New Year 2019

YT Views: 370K+
Like Ratio: 94.4%

Time changes, but the taste of love will never change. Treasure sweet moments and nostalgic memories while you share the classic taste of F&N Orange Crush and Classic Sarsi with your loved ones this Chinese New Year.

#5. Daikin CNY 2019 : Forget Me Not 勿忘我

YT Views: 287K+
Like Ratio: 92.0%

This Chinese New Year, let us not forget to cherish one another and be thankful for the times we get to spend with our loved ones.


Big names who missed out...

Sell Kitchen Tools - Earn Extra Money This Lunar New Year!
YT Views: 1.1M+
Like Ratio: 91.7%

Eu Yan Sang Malaysia CNY 2019 | 余仁生 - 一份不可替代的温度
YT Views: 208K+
Like Ratio: 89.7%

Marmite CNY 2019
YT Views: 151K+
Like Ratio: 89.5%

Tan Chong Group & Nissan CNY 2019 |【新年新期盼】 New Year, New Hopes
YT Views: 1.0M+
Like Ratio: 87.3%

Eu Yan Sang Malaysia CNY 2019 | 余仁生 - 一家人福气满满, 福满年
YT Views: 123K+
Like Ratio: 86.7%

#GamudaLand CNY Short Film 2019 - The Family Tree
YT Views: 192K+
Like Ratio: 78.7%

"The Lucky Guy" CNY 2019 - by IJM Land
YT Views: 283K+
Like Ratio: 76.1%

AirAsia CNY 2019: The Perfect Lou Sang
YT Views: 588K+
Like Ratio: 71.4%

Rediscover #AbundanceAllAround! Sime Darby Property CNY 2019
YT Views: 900K+
Like Ratio: 66.7%

Tiger CNY 2019: Uncage New Beginnings [ENGLISH]
YT Views: 843K+
Like Ratio: 58.2%

Top 5 CNY Short Video Ads (30 seconds or less)

#1. Yeo's CNY: The Meaning of Ang Pow | Yeo’s 农历新年:红包的含义

YT Views: 651K+
Like Ratio: 95.8%

Ang Pow, also known as "Ya Sui Qian", is a traditional wish of youthfulness and good fortune during Chinese New Year. Wishing you the vitality and joy of youth this festive season!
Gong Xi Fa Cai from Yeo’s!


#2. TOP CNY 2019

YT Views: 217K+
Like Ratio: 85.7%

Happy Chinese New Year from TOP Detergent Malaysia. May your year be filled with an abundance of joy, health and prosperity as we count down to the coming days of delicious food and lively gatherings with all our loved ones. Here's to wishing you "No.1" in everything that you do!

#3. Kinder Bueno | Chinese New Year | #BuenoSideofCNY 1

YT Views: 1.2M+
Like Ratio: 81.8%

Celebrate the #BuenoSideofCNY with our special Kinder Bueno Chinese New Year pack with 6 photo props!

#4 Let Freshness Invite Prosperity | Ambi Pur Car CNY 2019

YT Views: 3.2M+
Like Ratio: 78.7%

(no YouTube description)

#5. Darlie Malaysia CNY 2019: Brush Together, Huat Together!

YT Views: 820K+
Like Ratio: 74.1%

A family that brushes together, “huat” together! Usher in prosperity with Darlie Charcoal Gold toothbrush, now with a ‘Buy 2, Free 2’ promo for a limited time only!

Darlie wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous chinese new year!

马上购买Darlie 8字形发财炭金牙刷,现在买还可享有买2送2新春优惠哦。Darlie祝你一家越刷越旺,Huat啊!

Big names who missed out...

#MYMercedesCNY Million things to love about CNY - Malaysians reveal
YT Views: 1.1M+
Like Ratio: 65.0%

Which is your favourite CNY video commercial?

As you know by now, Like Ratio is a key indicator of whether the video is liked (or disliked) by the mass audience.

It is also one of the important factors how YouTube ranks and recommends your videos organically.

Like Ratio or not, our personal favourite is TNB CNY 2019 - The ONG-est Hours, for its all-round presentations with great talents, cool videography at the same time covering most of the CNY essences.

What about you, which one is your favourite? Do leave a comment below if we missed out any great local CNY video commercials on YouTube.



Silver Mouse: Top 20 Chinese New Year video commercials in Malaysia 2019
Top 20 Chinese New Year video commercials in Malaysia 2019
Which are the most likable CNY video ads on YouTube in Malaysia? Find out how we rank them by "Like Ratio".
Silver Mouse
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